Our 21 Day Mental Wellness guide provides a series of information and activities that are person-centered, reflective, and practical for the mental wellbeing of an individual.



This guide is broken down into three sections; disconnecting, connecting, and re-engaging.In each section you will be provided space to journal, while being challenged through self-reflective activities to live a well intended and abundant life and much more by:


  • Building a solid self-care plan, utilizing the wellness wheel as a guide to ensure integration into your daily life, without interruption.
  • Growing in your spiritual walk, by identifying purpose, defeating negative thoughts.
  • Setting short-tem tangible goals to increase motivations and increase a sense of purpose.
  • Assessing our accountability circles to ensure adequate support during our life journey.
  • Identifying barriers that may potentially pose a threat or delat positive outcomes.
  • Recognizing resources that may assist in living a holistically balanced life, and overcoming barriers.Learning to be intentional everyday to bring balance in our lives, by practically applying self-care strategies into our daily lives.


As you work through each page, we ask that during your journey that you be patient with yourself and embrace the ride even on your good and not so good days and stick it out until the end.


So go ahead and enjoy this 70-page Full-Color Wire Coil workbook with a matte finish or enhance your journey with our workbook. 




Candice Phillips, M.S

Owner of SCM Healing Essentials


Disclaimer: This guide is a self help support tool and not a substitute for seeking professional support. We also highly encourage you to seek support from trusted friends/family/community if you believe you are experiencing a mental health crisis and/or are suicidal or have thoughts of harming yourself or someone else.


If at anytime you begin to feel this way and nobody else is around, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1800 273 TALK(8255) or 24 Hour Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741 in the USA. 

The 21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge: A Self Care Journal and Workbook