🌬The Lords Purpose will Prevail ✈️

Over time I’ve come to appreciate the movement of Gods grace over my personal grind, especially in seasons of transition and change.

Grind involves one own efforts to make things happen to meet a “need” to make one comfortable of our anxiety, yet it further exasperates us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually because we are operating in our own strength!

Grace involves consistent movement with God guidance and strength in daily task, assignments, and even the ability to overcome difficult moments, by putting our trust in God.

Grace does not operate in one’s own strength, but seeks wisdom, instruction, and strategy from God to accelerate His plan over our own, while being able to acknowledge His purpose for the changes we are facing.

I’ve learned that no matter what I do in my own strength to accomplish a thing, it doesn’t force God hand to move any faster that he predestined!

There is a time and season for everything, and as long as I put my trust in Him and seek Him, all things will be revealed and His perfect will shall be done! No reason to be overwhelmed or stressed!

Let Go, Seek God, and Follow His Voice!

Following His voice will position us for His blessing in HIS TIMING!


Candice Phillips, M.S, BCMHC

Faith Based Mindset and Mental Health Coach

Advocate for Healing, Growth, and Transformation


P.S: If you are in need of support on your Faith and Healing journey, let’s connect to see how I can help you through a complimentary call!

Tap into the replay from the Heal Well Podcast| Episode 7: Gods Grace is Sufficient for further encouragement!

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