Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done

🙏🏽Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done🙏🏽

Free will aka Choice is a gift that was given to us as Earthly beings! In this walk with Christ there is a command to obey whatever it is that the Lord has given each and every one of us that does believe.

We all have a set of biblical commandments of ways we should live, but free will is the determining factor if we choose to obey the living Word of God! God has predestined a path for each of us, but free will gives us a choice to obey or disobey.

There is also the voice of God that leads us all with guidance/instruction that directs us into our paths/destiny. In walking with Christ, we are asked to obey His command and follow Him.

Sometimes we fail to obey because we are attached to a particular place, people, position, season, or thing for whatever reason, but God is testing His people to see if we will follow Him completely.

Faith and trust in God comes multiple ways; including Him wanting to know that he can trust us with a Word and/or command. He also wants to see if we will trust Him with everything even in a desolate place.

God knows the ins and out for the design of our lives. For many, He has shared with us His plans and they look unattainable in the natural. Despite our human inability to obtain them in our own strength, the path with Christ becomes clearer as we seek Him in prayer and obey Him to make those things tangible in our life.

The Word of God is clear, yet we have the choice to seek Him consistently for His will or we become apt to respond out your own desires, concerns, and/or needs.

A word of warning ⚠️! Just because we walk with Christ doesn’t mean everything will be easy. If anything there will be opposition to distract you from the command and/or call that will have you questioning if you made the right decision, it’s called “warfare.”

If you’re following God and His Path for you, the warfare will come; yet we are encouraged to keep our eyes on the Father.

If you’re not following God, the hardships will come too! The question is would You rather experience the persecution that’s come with following Christ or the painful decisions of following the choices associated with one’s flesh?

There are blessings for obediences and curses for disobedience. Free Will is Your Choice, God Will is His plan and Path for You!

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