I Am a #WomanRepurposed



Mental Health

and Business are words that describe only a part of the essence of what I do and who I am today!

Without a reckoning from God; I wouldn’t be here!

I’ve probably said this before, but oh well!

But I want to talk about when I first went to college! When I first went off to college I applied for a program I didn’t really have a passion for; pharmacy! I had learned in my junior year of high school through a summer job as a pharmacy tech, I could become a pharmacist and make six figures a year; so I did it!

I had a FULL RIDE merit scholarship at a Big 10 and I thought, I was only a 2 hour bus ride from my abusive ex boyfriend, who had left Chicago maybe a year before I graduated (second reason I chose the school).

I think it was the worse decision of my life! I gave up campus living for a high priced apartment, built up a ton of debt, never ended up seeing my ex bf my whole year, and almost flunked out my first year of college anyways!

Luckily, I applied for a transfer and got accepted with my barely 2.0 GPA to another school!

It was a fresh start to rethink my journey and the things I was passionate about! I studied what I knew I was purposed for; Psychology and Business Management!

I knew I wanted to run an organization to help people and I wanted to know both the business and social services side of it; so I did it!

Despite my endeavors to finish my degree; I still had to attend the school of hard knocks! I was trying to accomplish a dream, yet I was spiraling out of control! God had tried to intervene several times at that point, but I was too busy doing me to see!

Although I grew up in church, and knew God; It wasn’t until the semester before graduate school ended; that I submitted to the grip of God!

Today, I’m grateful that my plans didn’t work out the way I planned! I’m grateful that God stepped in and “fixed my life!”

He freed me from sin, ignorance, and my own will and repurposed me for his glory!

I am forever grateful for God being the author of my life and that he called me to his service despite my flaws!

Be encouraged sis, and know that God has your back and you were created to win!


Candice Marie Phillips, M.S, CPLC

Advocate for Healing, Growth, and Transformation

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