Affirming Her Royalty

I have been praying about being a mother that isn't just physically present, but also emotionally present for my child for the past two years, especially after struggling with post partum depression (2014) that slowly matriculated to full blown depression in 2018.

As I healed inwardly in late 2018 to all 2019, it became pivotal for me to ask God for constant ways to incorporate this into my role as Cydney's mom. I remember that one night in May 2019, where I woke up at 3am crying out for my child in prayer, asking God to comfort her heart and affirm that she was loved and wanted.

Yesterday, I realized that Cydney was still holding on to her baby mannerisms, and I felt a part of it had to do with my enablement of it for while or simply that I was disconnected at some point in her life, when I was in a season of deep depression.

In the car yesterday, I had her stand up and shake herself off and let her know who she was in Christ eye and to me, and encouraged her to value herself, and know that she never has to overcompensate for people to love on her.

A few weeks ago, I had purchased some rose gold earrings and I gave them to Cydney today and put them in her ear. I said now Cydney these are special, so rise to your royalty today and hold them tight and change the world!!!

Early next week, I'm going to get her a mirror in her room; and place a sticky note daily to affirm her worth, and identity in Christ, now that she is able to read on her own fully!

How do you affirm your daughters royalty?

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